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There are quite a lot of access control software. This includes parental Internet control software, as well as other parental control software. This includes Web site blocker software, computer parental control software (PC parental control software). Some of this software can also be used as employee monitoring software for monitoring employee computer use. Some of these programs restrict Internet Explorer, allowing you to restrict Web access. For example, Web Site Zapper is a program that allows you to restrict Web page or restrict Web site people can go to, allowing you to restrict Web browsing. Basically, these programs allow you to restrict Windows XP access by letting you restrict software use. In general, they let you restrict computer use (restrict computer usage), and thus restrict computer access. There is a program to restrict access to drives (external drives). In particular, it can restrict USB drives to prevent data theft.

Password Shield provides password security using a secure password manager to provide secure password management and secure password storage.

There is a page about software to Block Internet Access.

There is another page about a program that will Block Web Access.

One page is about a program to Block Web Sites.

There is a computer calendar (date calculator) calendar program (sometimes spelled calender program) to calculate days between dates. It will also calculate date N days in the future or past.

We have a golf program to calculate golf handicap.

There is a clock lock program. This program will prevent any change to the computer clock (prevent changing the computer clock) without a password.

Computer Payment Enforcer will help you collect computer payment due on computers you rent out or sell on installments. It will enforce computer payment by shutting down the computer when a payment is due until a password is input.

We have a number of programs to provide computer access control.

There is a program to help you run a computer cafe or computer kiosk.

There is computer security software, such as programs to help you control computer time or control Internet access.

We have a program to help you limit computer time, limit Web time, or limit Internet time spent on the computer.

There are several programs to restrict Internet access. These allow you to prevent people from using the Internet , stop people from using the Internet, or control using the Internet. They can also prevent employees from using the Internet.

There is an on screen keyboard (sometimes written as onscreen keyboard) program, also known as virtual keyboard software.

We have some general business software and some more specific financial software.

Score Tracker and Team Optimizer is a program to help you select teams. This program will optimize teams so that either the players within a team have the closest scores (for when players within a team compete against each other, like a golf foursome), or so that the teams have the closest possible total score (for when teams compete against each other). The program will also help you track player scores.

Time Difference Calculator will calculate time difference in hours, minutes, and seconds when given any two dates and times.

Windows Software to Monitor and Record Computer and Internet Use
Block Internet Access Software

Do you want to make some money by renting time on your computer? We have Computer kiosk software or Internet cafe software. This software lets you sell passwords that give access to the computer and its programs for set periods of time, or track how long a person is on the computer or using certain programs so you can bill them later.

Are you concerned about the safety of your child or children on the Internet? Are you concerned that they might be viewing sites they should not be, or just that they are spending too much time surfing the Web? Do you want to restrict or limit how much time your children can play games or surf the Web on their computer? You can use the Internet Password Lock software.

We also do custom software development and programming

All of these programs are products of Leithauser Research software.